Video Game Music with the Actual Instruments! -

Video Game Music with the Actual Instruments!

Joe Porter
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It was so fun to play these Cool Video Game Themes with the Actual Instruments from the Games!


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Hope you enjoyed these Awesome Video Game Music Themes with the Actual Instruments from the Games! The music included My Singing Monsters (Dwumrohl and Tiawa), Plants vs Zombies (Graze The Roof), The Legend of Zelda (Gerudo Valley) and LittleBigPlanet.

Instruments: Drum kit, Boomwhackers, marimba, guitar and vibraphone.


  1. ༒FF•NESQIK• ᴮᴬᴰʙᴏʏツ says:

    All:WOW my singing monsters!
    Me:plants vs zombies…

  2. 0:45 hey everybody hey lets go, hey everybody comon lets go

    Very bad english

  3. Noooo the little big planet one made me cry, I miss that game so much


    I loved watching this! I play/have played every one of these games except zelda, so seeing so many old nostalgic games like msm, pvz, and lbp was a real surprise!

  5. Woooow you just unlocked some deep rooted memories/nostalgia when you played Little big planet I haven't played that game or heard of it since around 2012-13

  6. Dwumroll is the hardest thing to wake up💀💀

  7. If you do sporerow or sooza from space island

    Your a true legend of instruments.

  8. Arthur Josino (brazil) (do not hack) says:

    But drwumhol And Baby Tiawa sound is perfect

  9. Make a whole video if every monster from my singing monsters like a bassoon for g’joob some drum set for bona-petite like that

  10. 𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓼𝓵𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓼 says:


  11. Why the hell is this come from GD Real Lyrics?

  12. Pls do more my singing monsters and dawn of fire

  13. Thank you, now ive found where that zelda song name was.

  14. The Two Left Blanks kind remind me of Clifford the Dog

  15. What level are you guys on then, if you’re a fan. I’m on level 21.

  16. Wow that man really plays drums like four handed monster

  17. I'm kinda bummed you didn't play anything from Doom, with a chainsaw…

  18. I’m about to cry, little big planet hit me like a train

  19. I need that drumwohl beat transcribed

  20. 0:01 In the 7 years that have passed since Wublin Island’s original launch, you are the first person I’ve ever seen to not only perform Dwumrohl’s part, but do so to near PERFECTION.

  21. Amazing how he pull out dwumrohl with two hand

  22. That is the wublin I want so much 😫😫😫


  24. Tiawa sound is sooo much better than the other musics

  25. The PvZ one had barely any difference from the original 😳

  26. Wow i loved the gerudo valley pls more zelda

  27. My singing monsters, pvz and zelda in one video, is epic

  28. someone that play my singing monsters use my code in submet reference,the code is 1023763960ii

  29. Bro my fav old game is pvz and u played it in the start

  30. 1. Cuphead 2. Call of duty, 3. Roblox doors elevator jam 4. Super mario bros 5. Minecraft ket

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