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Video Game Study Lounge

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Chill beats & video game music for focus concentration. GIF backgrounds provide atmosphere without distraction. New artwork every 10 minutes. Spotify Playlist ~

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~ ~ ~ CHAT RULES ~ ~ ~

#1 ~ Be nice!
If you can’t be nice, be cool.

#2 ~ This is a family friendly stream! That means:
1. No cursing, hexing or vexing
2. Role play is okay! but keep it PG
If you get too rowdy I will screenshot and send it to your parents!!
3. Please don’t be disruptive or fight with the moderators.
4. If you’re asked by an admin to stop doing something, please stop it! 🙂
5. No Zoom links. First time, time out, next time you will be removed.
6. No spam plz.

#3 ~ If you like a song, download or save it to a playlist!
You can also follow the artist, or say “this song is good” in the chat

#4 ~ Have fun and enjoy the stream!

GameChops on Spotify ~

Our YouTube Playlists ~

▾ About The Label ▾
GameChops is a record label dedicated to video game music. Remixes, cover songs, and remakes of the best video game music out there. Founded by Dj CUTMAN in 2012, GameChops was one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music on platforms like iTunes and Spotify. We work with artists all around the world to promote the art of video game music.

▾ Use Policy ▾
This stream is safe to use as background music for live streams.
Please link back or shout-out GameChops!

▾ Follow GameChops▾

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  1. que paso con el video por que esta oculto?

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