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What’s The Future Of Music In Video Games?

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From the soundtrack on Mario to the jukebox on GTA, Julia Hardy finds out about the importance of music in video games and the growing popularity of online virtual gigs and live game orchestrations.

Music in video games has always been important. From the instantly recognisable 8-bit soundtrack of Mario, to the jukebox soundtrack of the Grand Theft Auto games and the original lush orchestrations of Skyrim, music in games has evolved with games themselves.

This evolution has seen the growing popularity of live orchestras performing video game music and also the unprecedented in-game gig Marshmello performed on Fortnite, to over 10 million people!

In this episode Julia Hardy talks to composer Jessica Curry about the original compositions she has made for video games over the years and the difficulty of writing a soundtrack that is interactive to the player’s video game experience.

The electronic band Hybrid talk about the differences in composing film scores and video game scores, and Julia asks what is the future of music in video games? And are VR gigs and virtual live performances the future of live concerts?

In this episode Julia is also joined by Inel Tomlinson, Mat Ombler, Alex Donaldson, Lydia Ellery and Holly Nielsen.

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  1. When you realised you sang a duet in a pub karaoke night with the interviewer… hi Julia

  2. i am the first commenter and the first viewer

  3. I was present at the marshmallow event and it was cool

  4. 3:33 bleached eyebrows hahahahaha he’s swapped brows with the wuman next to him 😂

  5. Love Video games the industry really coming alive thanks to Esports future definitely gaming

  6. Like si tienes la eskin de marshmello <3

  7. I think I just fell in love with Julia Hardy x

  8. I think Marty O'Donnell's work on the Halo games deserves an honourable mention, he and Nobuo Uematsu for his work on Final Fantasy! Some of the most memorable and epic game music, to me, to this day.

  9. SSX on Tour, Burnout Legends, Rocket League….

  10. I went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Orchestra a few years back and it was the first live orchestra performance I’ve seen, it was a magical experience I was crying, smiling goofily from overwhelming nostalgia and overall excited and had a amazing time. It was more immersive than I thought it would be, with the screen behind the orchestra following the music with scenes from Doctor Who to the Daleks trying to take over the building and monsters and aliens roaming around the audience. I was so glad I brought my sonic screwdriver with me that day.
    As much as it was a blast unfortunately it’s no longer around but I’m glad I was able to experience it the same week as my first concert where I saw Take That (gonna see them for the third time in a few weeks, can’t wait!).

  11. To all,
    As a huuge Hybrid fan, I would strongly recommend listening their studio albums. You will definitely enjoy their unique style.
    Just go ahead and find their latest “Light of the Fearless” on any streaming platform!

  12. they are talking about music in video games and Halo theme wasn't mentioned once??….rubbish

  13. Great internet content! It looks very good! Keep up the excellent work!

  14. A trailer for Journey, that I could only find on the PS3, turned me onto one of my all time favorite bands and drummer, Tycho, and their drummer Rory who plays for Com Truise and his solo project Nite Moves

  15. guys i know its 2019 but dont you just LOVE the relaxing soundtrack of minecraft

  16. I was present at marshmellos first ever event at pleasant park 🙂

  17. The soundtrack for Tetris Effect is one of the greatest video game soundtracks, it is used to tell a story in a Tetris game and brings life and emotion to the game while also being tied to the gameplay so every time you clear a line or rotate a piece it affects the song. It is incredible.

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