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Write Video Game Music In 30 Seconds With Ecrett!

Thomas Brush
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Edited by Caleb Furrow
Music by Ecrett Music.


  1. When I Download the music i constantly repeats the words ''royalty free music created by A.I. ecrett music
    how do i fix? Do i have to by a subscription? :/

  2. Hi Thomas! This is a nice video. Ecrett it's nice! However I think hiring a composer or collab with one could be awesome also. I say this because when somebody from outside the game play it or see it, actually it can bring new ideas! Although, sometimes. =)

  3. seriously? just played around with it and the music sounds like butt. Good thing I've been doing music since 1999 xD

  4. I've been working on a game for about 4 years. I'm trying to make it as good as possible for a low-budget game, and this video really helped me out with the music. Thank you!

  5. bruh i made an excellent music for my game but when i listened to it there was someone who was talking in the music u r not helpful at all

  6. Nice video but just say that you have to pay for "prmium" to have a song without "This was created with ectrett music" in your song. Its really annoying when you spend a lot of time to create like 10 soundtracks and then realize you cant use it. Just say it right away

  7. Thomas, I play your games, I do love your passion and afford and we are also creating a game right now but…this feels like they gave you a hand full of money to promote it but if we are honest..you never used it for something cause this is not made for creating videogame music. To be short..this sucks. Please, if you love to help other upcoming Indies..stay transparent and don't recommend us something like this unusefull stuff only because you get money for it…rather show us how you did your music..Teach us something and give some love.

  8. is there free trial for this? i couldnt find

  9. Thomas Brush: Write Video Game Music in 30 seconds with Ecrett
    Me: The video is ***** 10 minutes long
    Btw, love your work Thomas. You help new game devs like me so much. You are officially my personal inspiration to make indie games.

  10. The best way for doing this is grabbing yourself a copy of reaper and Arcade by Output.

  11. bro, 10 year is kinda a huge time of your life, imagine your self starting with 20 year, and in your 30 you even didn't lauche your second game

  12. Sir i m new on youtube so just tell me one thing that if we create music on ecrett so there would be copyright issue occur or not?

  13. plxxx tell me will i used this music in my cooking videos or not and also tell me about the copyright issue about this music

  14. i'm glad i watched this video it'll save so much time and the music is wayyyyy better than what i could do, gonna buy the Ecrett subscription. Tom you help me a lot man thanks.

  15. after downloading my song, some weird robot keeps saying "make free music using ecreet" in the background, it's not very loud but it's very noticeable

  16. Omg I've been trying to find a song for 2 years and in those two years only plays a small part that is repeated in my mind and I never found, it is similar to the songs of Megaman 7 from Super Nintendo but unfortunately it is not exactly Megaman 7

  17. Really hope they have something along the lines of pixel art style games. Currently working on a project in unity and I am not really a musician.

  18. i strated making my own games but MUSIC IS SO GODDAM HARD FOR ME

  19. Thank you so much… This is really helpful for me

  20. there is another one called musenet it's both usage free and copyright free but it has a limited selection

  21. When I download the them, it says "royalty free song created by AI" the whole song without taking a breath

  22. the tiltle says "Write Video Game Music In 30 Seconds With Ecrett!" but the video has 9min

    Wait, That's Illegal

  23. Wow thats a pretty nice video!! Thank you man! Do you know how can I loop this songs so it can loop in my game?? I will really appreciate your help!

  24. I still got copyright claimed when using ecrett music… I will be cancelling after my year is up T.T

  25. Hey Thomas!

    Could you please upload on Youtube the soundtrack of your old flash games: Coma, Skinny?
    I can't find them anywhere in the internet, but I would love to hear them again.

    Thank you!


  26. nineret _𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪_ says:

    it's bad cause there was no midi export

  27. Anyone looking for someone to compose their game soundtrack? Willing to collaborate for free as a fun side project 🙂

  28. It's not a copyright issue, is it? Is it allowed for commercial use?

  29. Eh… It's not letting me create a happy 8-bit song. I was making a really retro game and I didn't want the title screen music to sound all sad and lonely. Could you please tell me what music creator you used before and if it's free or not.

  30. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am making my first game and I thought that I had to teach myself music in order to make songs but this saves me so much time. Thank you thank you! <3

  31. When you download the music you made it has a voice over the whole song saying "royalty free music created by Ai" which pretty much renders all of your music useless

  32. Great for prototyping. I spent an hour playing with it and some 2 minute tracks can decently slap. Now I wanna try making 5 to 15 second segments and copy/paste to make a 2 to 4 minute track.

  33. i don't even write. i pick a random key and shove in some notes there and hope for the best

  34. Me who's making a vn all by myself while listening to crappy music that I've made: YUH THIS BE BUSSIN BUSSIN

  35. Can you link me up with your iMac background lol

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