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WWE 2K20 The Evolution Of Sweet Chin Music! (WWE Games)

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Evolution of Sweet Chin Music in WWE Games.

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  1. Did you just play WrestleMania 2000 after No Mercy

  2. Old games' developers are now making the AEW game

  3. They really added a hair line to shawn?

  4. Michael Cole should never say sweet chin music again

  5. That little dance he used to do really pissed me off. HBK used to pull this Sweet Chin music out of nowhere, and usually fall to the floor or make a pin. He didn't fucking dance after it.

  6. If 2k16 had the same graphics as 2k20 it would be the best wwe 2k game let’s be honest

  7. HTCP. Sweet chin music 🎶 one of the best and poerfull

  8. I love how some of the moves of SmackDown vs. Raw saga were recicled from WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain! 😂😂😂😂

  9. How'd they get him as the bald version on 2k20? He has hair on both version's I have

  10. Honestly just gimme gm mode. Ability to pick what wrestlers I want, their gimmick/entrance, and what ppv I want to plan and I’d buy it.

  11. Pretty sad that SVR2005 has a better looking Shawn Michaels than the 2K games.

  12. one question why are you playing 2k20 it sucks

  13. Sd here come the pain and w12 best games ever! Shout ur mouth is good! Not my Favorit

  14. The evolution of a man who is basically Bill Cosby.

  15. This just showed me again on why yearly released games are stupid there was a time WWE games had no improvement at all from 2005 to 2010 the graphics were literally copied and pasted for so many times that they looked old by the time they actually improved on it.

  16. Me gusta que en tus evoluciones incluya la versión de 360 del svr 07 ya que es el verdadero salto no el svr 08

  17. Not that the newer versions of the move are necessarily bad, but they used to have so much more personality and appeal in the heyday of the Smackdown games. The exception would be the exhausted Sweet Chin Music where he collapses (which is fantastic), but other than that they look a lot more generic than they used to in general. I used to when he'd do his gestures and taunts after the move, and it'd be nice if that was brought back. His "tuning up the band" animation went through a roller coaster haha; it was a bit too bouncy originally, then they went too far in the other direction made it all stiff, and I think they pretty much got it in more recent games.

    And although they did get old after a bit, I miss the special effects and sounds in earlier games. Without them a lot of moves just don't have the impact they used to. At least throw that thigh slapping sound in haha.

  18. Though the graphics are.good but the impact of finisher was in smackdown pain

  19. The first smackdown vs raw was the best one.

  20. Shawn Michaels in WWE Games: CAN I KICK IT?
    WWE Fans of WWE Games: YES YOU CAN!

  21. 2k14 really was one of the best games and it included the best attires from HBK the 1994 and 1997 attires. Wish we could get a game with a bunch of his attires. He had so many great ones that they could include and stuff

  22. does anyone think that 2k games doesn’t really gives us the feel of the kick?

  23. Modern wrestling games suck they try so hard to be so realistic it takes the fun that old school wrestling games provided

  24. They always gave him a generous hairline which ruined the model

  25. Idky 2k can’t make a separate animation for this than just a super kick

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