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Zelda Music To Relax/Study/Work/Game

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I really love listening to Zelda music while playing games or working but there are always a few soundtracks that I don’t like or kill the mood so I decided to make my own mix. These are my 50 favourite songs from the games Ocarina Of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath Of The Wild!


Songlist with timestamps:

0:00 Twilight Princess – Courage
2:32 Twilight Princess – Prince Ralis is saved
6:39 Wind Waker – Grandmas Theme
11:06 Ocarina Of Time – Kakariko Village
14:10 Breath Of The Wild – Lurelin Village
19:00 Skyward Sword – Skyloft
23:24 Twilight Princess – Meet Illia
26:18 Ocarina Of Time – Zoras Domain
30:07 Wind Waker – Sage Laruto
32:02 Breath Of The Wild – Hateno Village (Day)
37:03 Skyward Sword – Fis Farewell
40:15 Twilight Princess – Departure
44:01 Ocarina Of Time – Title Theme
47:25 Breath Of The Wild – Gerudo Town (Night)
50:15 Wind Waker – Title Theme
55:38 Skyward Sword – Crimson Loftwing
58:09 Twilight Princess – Inside A House
1:00:37 Ocarina Of Time – Lon Lon Ranch
1:04:44 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Normal)
1:06:21 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Wedding)
1:09:35 Wind Waker – Outset Island
1:15:07 Skyward Sword – Romance
1:20:13 Twilight Princess – Ordon Village
1:24:31 Ocarina Of Time – Lost Woods
1:26:53 Breath Of The Wild – Rito Village (Day)
1:32:01 Skyward Sword – Bamboo Island
1:34:14 Wind Waker – Windfall Island
1:37:22 Ocarina Of Time – Gerudo Valley
1:41:24 Twilight Princess – Kakariko Is Saved
1:45:48 Breath Of The Wild – Miphas Theme
1:49:29 Skyward Sword – Island In The Sky
1:52:35 Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island
1:56:50 Twilight Princess – Ordon Ranch
1:59:37 Ocarina Of Time – Kokiri Forest
2:02:10 Breath Of The Wild – Horse Stable
2:05:23 Wind Waker – The Great Sea
2:08:11 Skyward Sword – Knight Academy
2:10:31 Twilight Princess – Lake Hylia
2:14:06 Ocarina Of Time – Zeldas Lullaby
2:16:27 Breath Of The Wild – Zoras Domain (Day)
2:21:17 Wind Waker – Forest Haven
2:25:14 Skyward Sword – Isle Of Songs
2:29:28 Twilight Princess – Enter The Twillight Realm
2:31:31 Ocarina Of Time – Great Fairys Fountain
2:33:52 Breath Of The Wild – Korok Forest
2:37:55 Skyward Sword – Gate Of Time
2:40:55 Twilight Princess – Ilias Theme
2:43:11 Wind Waker – Beedles Shop
2:45:45 Skyward Sword – Message From The Goddess
2:48:10 Ocarina Of Time – Staff Roll


  1. When you can tune in…headphones on.. drop out of this world and enter the realms of childhood nostalgia… Deep exhale
    Now that's a gift. 🙂
    When happiness was a state of being and one can watch the sunrise and still be with controller in hand, no drama's or stresses except when you're home from school so you can continue to journey. What simplicity have we stirred from… when game developers such as these can imbue such sublimity? Im sure we still have lessons to learn from our youth and gems such as this franchise.

    I fully agree this was a sacred art to our world. The Legend of Zelda is timeless and sooo full of emotions. The composers truly showed us what Love, Fear, Melancholy, Joy, Bliss and devastation can feel like… and for a child that grew up alone and unguided… I felt this was the best companion to take through the coming of ages. Also a main inspiration to why I picked up composing/music production myself, these surging sea of sounds forever became my mentor, my muse and the voice I never had. Zelda shall Forever live in our hearts and those who continue the adventure! Completely Transcends normalcy and dimensions of untarnished joy. This was an excellent compile, THANK YOU! <3

  2. Oh look that's that guy from the beefy smash dudes :p

  3. soooooo good i love playing zelda and lisen to this

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  5. Not a care in the world I had back then. Oh, how times change, but the memories stay the same.

  6. dude i loved the mix so much thanks a lot, only feel like missing the spirit tracks theme :((

  7. Wind Waker has the best soundtrack. This list is badly missing Ocarina Of Time – Song of Storms though.

  8. I cry when I here Zelda music. I'm 67 now and I still have the original mid 1980's NES System with the first couple of ZELDA games, Super NES, N64, Game Cube, Wii and all the Zelda Games that go with those systems. I remember my son Michael when he was about 7 figuring out the pattern to move thru the repeating sand in the 1st NES game. Now he just turned 39. I have spent 35 years living with Link (and Mario).

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  10. Skyward Sword Knight Academy reminded me heavily of Doki Doki Literature Club.

  11. look, i have a LOT to say of this video, i mean, a lot, but i'm just saying this: THANKS<3 like if you are a zelda fan 😀

  12. I can really feel the magic in Sage Laruto's theme… It's like a field of force.

  13. Oh man, Skyward Sword – Romance is really good!

  14. How could there someone can unlike 👎 this beautiful song 🎶 🤔

  15. yoo love this, waiting for the smash revew of the next week

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    stirred, hid behind a section of clouds in the shape of a barbapapa 🦄

  17. even if i haven't actually played any zelda game ever, there's something so magical and peaceful in it that oozes nostalgia. Also, off-topic but these days i've been doing a series of interviews for my thesis, and everytime i do that i get so damn nervous like feeling i want to throw up, so i just put this music on the background with low volume to help me relax while i interview. it has really helped it a lot. thank you so much for this king 👑✊

  18. once i have sons and a daughters i plan i showing them these songs everytime they go to sleep so when they older it will be like there unlocking memory's i want to seem they with happy tears in there eyes saying thank you dad…
    That that is my dream 😊

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  20. As soon as the video started I gave it a like, when listening to a song from Twilight Princess

  21. I love the artwork in the background! Absolutely wonderful mix!! You did a fantastic job 😀

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  24. I feel like Nintendo (specifically Zelda) and Amine were Japan's way of apologizing to the world for what they did during WW2 😂

  25. There’s just something about ocarina of time that’s just…


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  28. I've spent idonwknowhowmany hours working with that video, thank you for your work man ! keep on ! <2

  29. Who the f**k dislikes this. I mean, I can totally understand that this doesn't hit everyones taste in music, but to actually click the dislike button on this is sick.

  30. I've started to listen to this while I write now. Glad I found it. Great mix! Zelda music is fantastic!

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  32. I would comment some amazing and nostalgic but I’m too busy bawling my eyes out over these amazing songs.

    Thank you so much for making this. Love from Michigan 🤚 ❤️

  33. this encourages me to change my mind. To bring the people that really loves me into my heart, mind, body and soul. I've been dealing with unwanted thoughts about the past, i've been lost, not wanting to do anything because of these thoughts and anxiety. Time to change. For good. I deserve better, i am a very lucky person, with family, friends and love. I have a degree and now i will have mental health too.

    I want to thank videogames. We are very lucky to have such beautiful master pieces that gives us hope and motivation and help us to disconnect from these toxic things that life or mind bring us. It always could be worse so we have to smile and keep on going for those people that are really having a bad time.

    We're in this together with videogames and people that support us!

  34. Hey you . . . get back to studying and stop reading comments 🙂

  35. My friends think zeldas wierd they have NEVER played or watched a vid and they play fortnite still

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